This is the last article of our ‘12 Days of Donald Trump in the office, supported’ and it will cover each and everything that he has signed and ordered for, from Day 10 to Day 12. Many people stood up against the Muslim ban and protested outside the airports and at various parks. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was fired by the President because she supported the ban. However, the Department of Homeland security was able to bring in 872 refugees in this period due to some exception in the executive order.

Read more about what happened, below:

Day 10: 29th January 2017

Day ninth started with #NoMuslimBan marches which were against Donald Trumps executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

A nationwide breakout occurred all weekend in oppose of the executive orders.

Day 11: 30th January 2017

President fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates who refused to support and defend his refugee and immigration ban. Yates was appointed by the Obama administration and many supported her stand by calling her a hero and a patriot.

Trump signed another executive order which eliminated two federal regulations for every new regulation enacted, this was his another campaign pledge that he fulfilled.

Day 12th: 31st January 2017

Senate Democrats blocked two Trump cabinet packs by boycotting the votes and put a further delay in the confirmation of several of Trump’s Cabinet nominees, all of this is said to be done in order to intensify their opposition to President Trump.

Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary and Tom Price for Secretary of Health and Human services were the two that were boycotted.

The Department of Homeland Security announced that they will be admitting 872 refugees into the country this week, due to an exception in Trump’s executive order. The exception called that the refugees who were already in transit can be admitted into the U.S., if being forced to return would cause them undue hardships.

As per the White House, an executive order signed by President Barack Obama in 2014, that was protecting federal employees from anti-LGBTQ discrimination would continue under President Trump.

These were the first 12 days of President Donald J. Trump asa the President of the United States and even though he is not a very popular President, since ever, but he could have done a lot to turn the entire picture around, however, that has not happened till now.

While many of his earlier supporters believed that Trump is a much more transparent Presidential candidate and he won’t do all that he had said during his campaign, but many of his promises are coming to life, which has definitely resulted in making the people believe that he would be acting as the most extreme version of himself during his term at office.

The current government is not afraid to lie to the press and to their people which bring huge objection regarding the entire credibility of Trump’s governing. There were some extreme steps taken in just a few days which are a clear example of how Trump does not want to make, the people against him, happy. A.k.a the other majority of Americans who didn’t support him and voted for someone else in the first place.