Do you know the King of Jordan? You may or may not know about King Abdullah the 2nd of the Kingdom of Jordan. He is not only a King of a nation in the Middle East, but he is actually one amazing guy! Consider him the Elvis of Rock n Roll in the Middle East. Here are some things that will get you intrigued to start following up on this awesome dude!

The 55-year-old Jordanian is a true King

He is a ruler, a boss in its entire meaning. But at the same time, he is one of the most humble, down to earth guys anyone would fall in love with. Before becoming King, he had his studies in England and the United States, where shortly after that he joined and served with the British Army.

He is a man that takes on life to the fullest. He scuba dives, jumps out of planes in parachutes, he's a pilot AND he’s a former Jordanian National Rally Racing Champion. He does it all right? Yes! But there’s more! A few years back one of his Lieutenants was captured and burned to death by the horrible ISIS. He got so angry that he ordered a bombing mission against them right away and declared a harsh war against them. That’s not my point though. My point is to get revenge; King Abdullah personally flew one of the twenty F-16’s in that mission! The world doesn’t call him “The Warrior King” for nothing folks!

Humbleness goes a long way!

Aside from all of that he is truly a generous and inspirational figure.

He has managed to keep neutral ties with the majority of world leaders and is considered a great and strong ally in the region to many powerful countries around the world.

The King is a people person and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do. In 2013, Jordan was impacted by a huge snow storm. Jordan isn’t equipped for storms of that severity.

After it was over he went out for a drive around town to check on the status of his country. A car with a family in it were stuck on the side of the road. He made the driver stop and got out to push with the other civilians. He even used to wear a disguise and walk in town to talk to people about the King, just to see their opinions and thoughts on the Kingdom straight from his people’s mouths. If that’s not a caring leader for his country, I don’t know what it is! Did I mention his wife, Queen Rania is a superstar?! Even Oprah loves her!