In our earlier article, we analysed and presented you the first 3-days of Donald Trump’s existence as the President of America. This time we have come up with his next 3 days, i.e. from Day 4 to Day 6 where the construction of various pipelines was again brought back into existence. Global Gag Rule was again implemented which is said to happen every time a Republican candidate holds the office. He also proposed the construction of ‘The Wall’ and hunting down illegal immigrants in the U.S. without proper papers, all this and much more was proposed and passed by President Donald Trump that you can know more about, down below:

Day 4: 23rd January 2017

On day four, Trump officially abandoned the Trans-Pacific partnership, which is a free-trade economic policy and a 12-nation deal negotiated by Barack Obama.

This abandonment resulted in an end of the multinational trade agreement which has characterised global economics for decades.

President Trump reinstated Global Gag Rule, which means that government aid to foreign organisations that provide abortion or counselling on abortion, would be blocked.

He also planned to cut taxes for the middle class and companies. He also wanted to reduce restrictions on businesses in the U.S as well as impose more tax on American companies that build their products and businesses abroad and sell them in states. These rules were expected from the President as they were part of some of the promises that he made during his campaign.

Day 5: 24th January 2017

On day five, Donald Trump signed an executive order under which the construction of Keystone and Dakota pipeline projects would be advanced.

It should be noted that for many months activists and water protectors were protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline. After a long protest, the project was stopped, however, not completely abandoned as what they had initially demanded. But now, it would start again. Through this order, the pipeline would no longer have to get an approval from the government, which is another blow for Native Americans and activists.

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Day 6: 25th January 2017

Donald Trump signed two executive order on immigration. The first one would enable the construction of a wall along the borders of Mexico and America, which was a major game-changer that he promised about in his campaigning days.

The second one requires the federal agents to arrest and deport anyone who crosses the border without proper papers.

On this day, Trump also called up a major investigation to take place into the election voter fraud. The investigation was called up to look into the matter that if due to illegal votes, Trump lost to Hillary Clinton by almost 3 million popular votes.

After all these rules and executive order, Americans have started feeling that they can’t trust Trump which is all the more frustrating because every citizen wants to trust their President who represents them on the Global and national level.

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