World Politics - In a report released by the US Intelligence agency, In five years, the world may look like a different place. We often try to predict the future of humanity. Sometimes the predictions come to pass, and sometimes, they do not. Thinking about what tomorrow may bring is essential but difficult. this is essential because we need to know where we stand and difficult because no one has been to the future.

Yet, this does not stop the Intelligence community from giving educated guesses. The report states a few different points based on probability.

As we all know, with probability, there are winners and there are losers. Let's hope that America is a winner!

Donald Trump exceeds the norm

According to the Atlantic, Donald Trump has shown that he will lead us in a different direction. Some feel like he will destroy America. While others see the change beneficial to our country's growth. No matter where you stand, change is coming.

The report starts off discussing some of the things that Trump will do to change the way we handle immigration. According to Trump, illegal immigrants drain the economy.

They take jobs from Americans and drive down minimum wages. However, if the immigrant comes legally, they can bring new skills to the table. This is where Trump stands for the future.

Wars will take place in cyberspace

We see more and more cyber hacks on businesses every day. They get more extreme and cyber security firms try to stay one step ahead.

With the hacking of the DNC last year, the US government has stepped up awareness as well. As the battlefield empties, the cause for concern shifts in a new direction.

The battlefield is one thing, But according to the Atlantic, cyber war is another. With the stroke of the keyboard, a hacker can wipe out whole power grids. That comes from a group of U.S.

intelligence analysts. With each passing day, security increases, but so do hacking skills.

US economy

According to the Deutsche Bank, predictions of major economic growth flood Wall Street. With the deals that have come to the table, all we can see is smooth sailing over the next four years. According to the Deutsche Bank, that goes for the world economy as well, with a forecast of 3 percent to 3.4 percent, reports say.

With things starting to look up, all we can do is sit back and see if these predictions come to pass.

With the Carrier and Ford deals, things can only get better for Business. Trump promises millions of new jobs by the end of his first four years. That is assuming that he runs for a second term as he claims he will.