As young IDF soldiers gathered near the Armon Hanatziv promenade overlooking the old city of Jerusalem on Sunday, a truck deliberately rammed into the crowd killing four and leaving more than a dozen injured. The driver has been identified as 28-year-old Fadr al-Qabr. A Palestinian from Jerusalem’s Jebl Makabar district. Qabr was killed at the site after soldiers fired through the windshield of his vehicle.

The attacker's family not aware of his association with any terrorist organization

His family stated that he had not been a violent person and was guilty of no crimes.

They were not aware of him being associated with any terrorist organization and told the Jerusalem Post that they were “surprised” as “he never harmed anyone.”

Israeli forces acted swiftly, raiding the area

Qabr’s uncle told BBC reporters that he heard about the incident and had no prior knowledge of the attacker’s intentions. At first, he wasn’t sure whether it was an accident or an attack. He described how Israeli forces raided the area within an hour of the attack, arresting individuals and closing off the entrance to his village.

Netanyahu suggests the incident could be linked to Nice and Berlin terror attacks

However, upon learning the identity of the perpetrator, numerous media sources mentioned that he had indeed served a prison sentence.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who visited the site where the attack took place suggests that Qabr “is a supporter of Islamic State.” Terror attacks in Nice and Berlin were carried out using the same tactic, as both attackers drove a lorry through the crowds. Israeli police chief, Roni Alseich, mentioned the possibility of Qabr being motivated by other such attacks.

Netanyahu agrees that there could be a connection between these attacks.

No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the incident

Although no group has claimed responsibility for the truck attack at this point, Hamas took to social media calling it an act of heroism. Many Palestinians tweeted their support of the attack, whereas other Palestinians were in opposition to the Jerusalem terror attack.

The incident which left bodies strewn across the street was described by witnesses as the scene of a battlefield, and a blatant attack on Jews in Israel.