According to a report from The Sun News, ISIS and their reign of terrorism, have once again forced the world to gasp. This time, they boast about their toddler executioners. The video starts with a 3-year-old toddling through a sea of abandoned toys. The scene is an old abandoned fair. Ironically, they chose a child to kill prisoners in a place where children once had fun.

The toddler walks up, and at this point, you can see the Kurdish prisoner alive but unconscious. An ISIS soldier hands the child a small pistol. The child struggles to aim the instrument of murder at the prisoner and pulls the trigger.

This is a scene we have seen before, and the world has been reacting to what many see as an abomination.

Another child forced to behead a prisoner

The video then goes to a 10-year-old. In the child's hand is a large knife. The child is then made to behead another Kurdish prisoner. The children, coined the Cubs of The Caliphate, are usually children of people ISIS has murdered. ISIS then raises and trains the children to murder in the name of Allah, their alleged god.

In the past, we have seen them forced to murder before, experts say ISIS does it for attention.

Many agree that the barbaric behavior is a shame, and condemn the act. Many can agree that a child is as innocent as they come. So what better way for the terror group to get attention than to use the children in unthinkable ways?

Is ISIS sending the 'Cubs of the Caliphate' in with the refugees?

While we cannot be 100% sure of this, the American Thinker website says the odds are astounding.

According to the report, many of the children look into the camera and warn the enemies of ISIS of terror. The report goes on to say that while our children are learning about safe spaces, these children are learning to murder.

So it is a strong possibility that some of the cubs are mixed in with the refugees. President-elect Trump has called for stronger vetting for the immigrants. Yet, he gets met with objection from the left. We will see how the President-elect handles this situation in a few more days. Until then, we must wait for intel reports.