Iran conducting illegal tests

140 miles east of Tehran, at a private military testing site, the Islamic country of Iran conducted a ballistic missile test. The country has been in production and testing of different types of missiles, such as the ballistic missile. Back in July Iran conducted their first major test run with a long range ballistic missile, with the words "Death to America" written on the missile. The test last July was the fourth test since the signing of the nuclear deal by Barack Obama. This test marks their 5th missile launch.

Why is it illegal?

Since the signing of the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, Iran has discharged 5 missiles. Under the United Nations code, section 2231 states that Iran is called upon not to discharge any missiles or weapons of nuclear destruction. Since the signing took place, Iran has broken international law. So far the missiles have not harmed anyone, nor have they targeted another country.

What is a ballistic missile, exactly?

A ballistic missile is a missile that projects high into the air, and then falls in a nose dive on to a target.

With Iran's attempted test, the missile exploded in mid air after traveling 600 miles.

Tensions growing with Iran

On January 8th, four Islamic Revolutionary Guard ships headed toward a US Naval vessel, a United States destroyer fired multiple warning shots at the approaching vessels in the strait of Hormuz. Donald Trump has been campaigning form the start that he wants to scrap Obama's nuclear deal and re-negotiate from a different angle.

Many neighboring Islamic countries feel that Trump is undermining their power.


The main point is simple: the United States can read heat signatures from satellites, stating that there has been a missile launch. Trump will start to re-negotiate the deal as soon as he can. Other countries are building up their nuclear stockpiles, and missile numbers as well. The United Nations will have to re-analyze how they handle these launches from Iran and other countries across the world.