Technology keeps evolving as new objects we never thought imaginable are being created. One of those objects is a robot dog named Aibo, created by Sony, that uses artificial intelligence with a bunch of other features. The robot, though, will cost individuals a lot of money at a hefty price tag of $2,899.

We know how expensive it can be to take care of an animal today, but this is a higher price. This device raises some questions about whether humans can be designed, just like this dog can be. Below are the details on what Aibo will be able to do and what it means for the future.

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The features

Sony announced, just yesterday (August 23), when the robotic dog is set to arrive on the market in the US. The companion will be available for purchase in September for a high price of $2,899. According to an article by The Verge, It will be "bundled with three years of Sony's AI Cloud service as well as a variety of toys, including a pink ball, an 'Aibone,' paw pads, and a charging station." This is what is going to come with the device.

What is so interesting is that the Cloud allows Aibo to send it's activity to Sony's servers, this will, in turn, shape the dog's personality. The device learns, over time, about the owner and can remember the different faces that they make.

People can connect to the companion over Wi-Fi or through AT&T LTE service. Aibo has plenty of sensors installed, with cameras and actuators. It can even identify family members and adapt to different situations. It seems the adorable companion can be just as interactive as having a regular pet around the home.

Aibo will directly respond to voice commands, as videos show it interacting with different people when petting it and moving around to get a bone.

People who want Aibo will have to be on the lookout, and act fast, as it is said to be a limited edition product.

Not the only one of its kind

Sony is not the only company to be making an interactive robot pet. The article by The Verge mentions Anki's Vector Robot, which was just announced as well.

People who purchase this one can play games with it and ask it questions too. The price tag will only cost individuals $250. It is not as advanced as Aibo, but that is the tradeoff. People have to remember, that because these are robotic, they do not need shots, food, or medical care, like real pets need, but the price is still very high. Anki's Vector Robot that can fit into an individual's hand and is priced at a much cheaper price for doing some of the same things as Aibo.

The article by Tech Crunch notes that Aibo will be available to look at a Sony Square store in New York in late October. Interestingly, these robotic companions have been doing well, as the article reports that Anki has sold "1.5 million robots" while Aibo has sold about 11,000 units in Japan.

According to an article by Tech Crunch, the goal of the US rests at "in the thousands," according to Sony North America President Mike Fasulo.

Fasulo also notes that Aibo has "22 axes of movement and more flexibility than I've seen in a robot." The question that lingers is if humans are ever going to be replaced or replicated as a dog is with Aibo. Technology can be a fun thing, but frightening with something like this, but fascinating and adorable at the same time.