UMIDIGI days earlier started the global sales of its Z2 Pro smartphone on Gearbest on August 13. Since the start of the campaign, more specs have been released on August 16 for the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro along with other features for interested consumers.

As it turns out, the Z2 Pro opened its global sales at Gearbest. When customers purchase the device they will automatically receive up to $60 off the smartphone. In addition, it was revealed the device comes with the Helio P60 processor chip. It is now confirmed the chip is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) for great and superior performance.

In the next sections, will discuss the details around other features and reasons to adopt the Z2 pro touchscreen device.

Reasons to buy the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro

Above we mentioned the processor was the Helio P60 chip. Apparently, MediaTek made available exclusively this high-performing processor for the first time on this UMIDIGI device. Also, it comes with eight processor cores, which offers 60 percent higher performance. Compared to UMIDIGI's previous releases this device will come with a 12 percent lower power consumption for longer battery life.

Another important upgrade is the amount of storage offered on this device.

According to Jaijatechguide, the phone will come with 128GB of fast storage (ROM). This piece of equipment is normally offered on more expensive and high-end smartphones from Samsung or Apple. In this case, the Z2 Pro has this type of memory and has the option to expand storage up to 256GB with a micro SD card.

We all enjoy taking photos and capturing special moments with our phones.

The device comes with a quad camera. In other words, it comes with a dual 16-megapixel and 8-megapixel back and front camera configurations. As a bonus, the smartphone comes with Aperture. When taking photos in low light conditions you will not have any problems and the pictures will be sharper and clearer thanks to this additional camera feature.

The device on top of offering performance will also come with a nice size screen. It will come with a 19:9 full-FHD and approximately 90 percent of the front surface will be covered by the screen. This means the user will be able to really leverage and engage the screen without having to struggle to find the apps on the screen.

When you purchase this device, it will include the wireless charger 15W Qi. This accessory is normally sold separately, but the brand went the extra mile to add this nifty charger.

Takeaways and conclusions

Of course, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone X. On the other hand, if you are limited by your budget and data plan, the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro is a wonderful alternative.

It also supports most major carriers and has the Android OS, which will make it easier to not deal with compatibility issues.

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