UMIDIGI, the mobile phone and internet company, introduced different smartphones to the marketplace in 2018. After a series of campaigns promoting the Z2 series, the brand went ahead and released new devices. The brand published a video on July 23, comparing side-by-side the UMIDIGI One Pro versus the Honor 10 smartphone.

The video lasts for less than two minutes and compares both smartphones over twelve categories. In addition, the video used a five-star-rating system with a scale from one to five. The UMIDIGI One Pro and Huawei's device, Honor 10, were compared in terms of design, screen, fingerprint scanner, wireless charging, OS, chip, global bands, loudspeaker, etc.

In the subsequent sections, I will examine and break down the comparisons to see which one actually won this side-by-side evaluation.

Comparison between the One Pro and Huawei's Honor 10 touchscreen device

So, let us dive in and see some of the essential features consumers look at when buying a smartphone. When it comes to the screen, the UMIDIGI One Pro sports a twilight glass whereas the Honor 10 has aurora glass. Both devices received equal marks and five stars each.

In regards to the size of the display, the Honor 10 has a 5.84-inch screen with FHD and full view display.

The UMIDIGI has a 5.9-inch screen with a full surface display. UMIDIGI loses this round since it earns four stars versus a perfect score of five for Huawei.

For those who are concerned about the processor or chip, UMIDIGI comes equipped with the Helio P23. The Huawei device has a Kirin 970, which gives it a significant edge in performance.

Here Huawei is granted five stars whereas UMIDIGI is once again stuck with four stars.

Elsewhere, the side fingerprint scanner was a different story. Here the UMIDIGI earns top marks, five stars, while Huawei loses the round with a score of four stars.

Also, UMIDIGI won in the wireless charging category. It received five stars and Huawei just four stars once again not achieving the score of five stars.

The near-field communication (NFC), communication protocols that enable two electronic devices; the category saw both devices perform superbly. UMIDIGI and Huawei earned identical scores with five stars awarded.

According to Gizchina, Honor 10 smartphone edges UMIDIGI One Pro with a score of 56 to 55 stars. The Huawei device does possess some impressive features and functionality. However, the price is another matter.

Takeaways and conclusions

Overall, it is worth noting that the price is of the Huawei Honor 10 is $354.99. The UMIDIGI has a retail price of $199.99, which is a reasonable price.

The sale of the UMIDIGI One and the One Pro will start on August 6 with a discount. Instead of paying $199.99 the discount price will be adjusted to $169.99.