The Shenzhen-based brand, UMIDIGI, promoted a series of campaigns for the Z2 series smartphone. The brand is once again introducing a new model. On July 4 the Chinese brand confirmed its newest flagship models, the UMIDIGI One and UMIDIGI One Pro.

There are two colors that were confirmed. The UMIDIGI devices will come in a Twilight and Carbon Fiber. In addition, both color options will come in a premium color finish.

One model has a dark black finish on the rear of the device. The other comes in a gradient color scheme. It is similar in appearance to the Z2 series product line.

Specs confirmed for the UMIDIGI One and UMIDIGI One Pro

One of the first things consumers like to know are the official specs when new devices are launched. The One series will have a 5.9-inch display and a 19:9 full-screen display.

According to Gizchina, the ratio will take about 90 percent of the front surface. The dimensions of the phone make it another compact and visually-appealing smartphone.

Other features include the fingerprint identity sensor. Also, the device will come equipped with dual-speaker stereo sound. This design choice helps the UMIDIGI One series to have a distinctive appearance by having the inner and external layers separated.

Storage, camera and processor chip

The UMIDIGI One series will have a dual camera of 12-megapixels and 5-megapixels.

The camera capabilities come integrated with a large f/2.0 aperture OV12870 sensor for the rear camera.

The storage capacity is of 64GB of internal memory storage and will ensure high performance. There is an option to increase the internal memory of 32GB.

The processor is the Helio P23 chip.

It differs from the Z2 series since that smartphone an Helio P60 processor. What will be interesting is to see the performance and benchmark when it comes to gaming.

Takeaways and conclusions on device

It is too early to know if this device will go through a campaign or a giveaway. For the Z2 series, UMIDIGI went through several promotions and contests.

Will it be the same formula and approach? Impossible to say at this time.

The Carbon Fiber and Twilight color scheme is an excellent option for these devices. Functionality that will entice potential buyers is the dual camera and the processing power with the Helio chip.

Finally, capacity is a big deal to have. Anything above 32GB capacity is an excellent selling point for the device. It will be worth examining how sales perform for this new UMIDIGI phone in the marketplace.

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