The company has released a series of smartphones in 2018. At the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair, UMIDIGI used the conference to launch the Z2/Z2 Pro models. On April 24 the brand confirmed their brand new devices will come in a gradient finish along with other features.

The revelation of making both of these devices in a gradient color was a strategic and popular gamble. The design includes combining Nordic Aurora with a double-sided glass fuselage.

The next few sections will examine the specs. In addition, look a brief side-by-side battery comparison with the UMIDIGI A1 Pro and iPhone X.

Highlights and specs from these latest devices

The UMIDIG Z2 series smartphones come in 6.2 inches and 19:9 screen ration. Also, it is a nice and full-sized screen.

One of the premiere features to come in these models is the Helio P60 chip. In other words, it comes equipped and supports artificial intelligence.

This particular Z2 series has a front camera and two rear cameras. Furthermore, they come in full mode and support global bands. As you may have expected it comes with Android 8.1 OS.

According to GizChina, the design and layout appeared on another smartphone model.

Specifically, the analysis confirms the design is similar to the Huawei H20 Pro. In this particular instance, the phone is a high-end device.

In the above report, it was also confirmed that the Z2 series has one of the fastest 15w wireless. charging. To date the prices of these devices are unknown.

UMIDIGI A1 Pro vs iPhone X charging time

In a first by a brand, UMIDIGI ran a side-by-side comparison of charging the devices. Both devices apparently were a zero percent. Subsequently, they were timed for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

In that time-frame, the UMIDIGI phone charged to 100 percent while the iPhone X reached just 72 percent in the same Time Frame.

It is worth mentioning that it is an amazing feat. However, there are still of other features for the Apple iPhone X like facial recognition, augmented reality apps, etc.

As reported by AndroidRules, the handsets will support 4G VolTE. The colors the smartphones will come are in Gradient Twilight and Phantom color variants.


As previously mentioned, the Helio P60 chipset sets apart this smartphone. It's not deemed an entry-level device because of the capabilities. In a separate GizChina analysis, the chip really enhances the gaming experience and improves the performance by up to 70 percent.