The smartphone market has matured with Apple and Samsung dominating the marketplace. A Chinese-based brand, UMIDIGI, has started a giveaway of its upcoming entry-level smartphone UMIDIGI A1 Pro and on April 9 winners will be contacted.

When the company announced a few giveaways the response was overwhelming. In addition, UMIDIGI went ahead and expanded the number of participants for the content to win the smartphone device.

The lucky winners of the UMIDIGI A1 Pro will be exactly 25. The next sections will include details on how to participate in this contest.

Details on how to participate and winners will be contacted on April 9

The rules of the contest vary slightly depending on the social network. In other words, you have to share the post, and follow the company.

If you prefer not to participate in the contest you can simply wait for the UMIDIGI A1 PRO presale, which will begin the same day contest winners are messaged.

But the giveaway is just the tip of the iceberg. The first 50 customers to place an order will not pay the full retail price of $99 bucks. Instead, customers will pay just $50 making it a 50 percent discount on a smartphone equipped with cool features.

Hackers Space wrote a review about the UMIDIGI device. They have deemed it to be the best 2018 entry-level smartphone that comes loaded with Android 8.1.

The A1 Pro comes loaded with a popular feature from the iPhone X and it is the Face ID. In addition, it has the dual 4G VoLTE and both SIM slots are compatible with the 4G network.

The colors of this device will be Moonlight Silver, Icy Blue, and Pitch Dark.

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The A1 Pro does not come with wireless charging. It charges via a Type-C 5V-2A for quick charging.

The battery is not removable on for the UMIDIGI phone. Furthermore, it comes with a fingerprint scanner that is actually located on the rear of the phone.

Device specs and other features

The storage memory space is 16 GB. The size of the device is 5.5 inches and comes with USB 2.0 Type-c.

The battery is not removable on for the UMIDIGI phone. The weight of the UMIDIGI is just 173 grams, which is approximately six ounces.

As previously mentioned, the camera is 13 megapixel while the front-facing camera is 5-megapixel. One other hidden great feature is the camera built-in facial features. Put another way, with this facial you can add layers to the pictures for increase richness in colors.


The brand's buzz around this latest product release has peaked the interest of consumers. Finally, the model may be entry-level, but the features and price are a game changer in today's smartphone market.