When Samsung initially introduced its Gear S3 smartwatch in the market, it did not support Samsung Pay at that time. For those who don’t know, the Pay is a form of digital payment that Users can optimize to make any payments. The company announced the availability of Samsung Pay during the former part of 2017. The payment service was even included in Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones. The company made the availability of Samsung Pay in certain markets at first, which excluded the UK. But it now appears as Samsung has officially introduced the availability of Samsung Pay for Gear S3 users even in the UK markets.

Samsung Pay available on smartwatch

According to a report published by Phone Arena, Samsung has officially made its digital payment service, Samsung Pay available to all the Gear S3 users in the UK. However, the report added that the feature might be available only to specific users at first. The South-Korean technology giant is expected to roll out an update regarding the same soon so that all the Gear S3 users will be able to make use of the feature.

The users are required to manually check whether the app is available on their Gear S3 smart watches. To do this, the users are required to attempt to download the Samsung app on their smartwatches. It took Samsung quite a long time to introduce a payment service of its own.

However, now that they have, it has become much easier for users to transact or transfer money.

A unique feature by Samsung

Using Samsung Pay is not such a difficult task after all. Users only need to download the Samsung app on their Gear S3 smart watches. Following which, the users will be required to activate the app by registering and entering all the relevant details in it.

After which, the app will become active on the Gear S3 smartwatch. The app will, however, only work when the display is wide awake. Users are required to enter the PIN number as well. After this, the app will activate after a simple tap on the right-hand side of the smartwatch. Users even have the option of selecting their preferred cards if they like.

If the users want to cancel the payment, even that option is available. The app is easily available on Google’s Play Store. However, whether it will be available for other smart watches or not, is something that is not known as yet. No other information regarding Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch is out as yet, stay tuned.