Choosing can be a tough task sometimes, especially when your options are a myriad. That is why I have compiled a list just for you. Whether you are trying to get back in shape or trying to find a better app for your running sessions, this article can give you some perspective on how certain applications can help you achieve your goal.

Running is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises. But knowing how you're doing can help you immensely in achieving your goals. So grab your running shoes because these apps are sure to carry you to new challenges and achievements.


Strava is one fun running app. Available on both iPhone and Andriod, the app gives you a feeling that you are inside a video game. With features like leaderboards and monthly challenges, this app is sure to keep you motivated and on track. The app also has a unique way of keeping you interested by allowing its users to challenge one another.


Optimizable for both Android Wear and the Apple Watch this mobile application is one of the finest on the market. Runtastic is professional when it comes to running and knows how to keep you entertained, that is why it has an option where its users can download podcasts and audiobooks for about one dollar. Each audiobook and podcast is about 40 minutes long giving you a sufficient and informative running session.


Runkeeper hosts about 50 million users a day, making it one of the most popular running application for mobile devices. With a friendly user interface and optimization for Apple Watch, iTunes, Spotify and other health apps such as Fitbit or MyFitnessPal, the app can do it all. To keep you motivated the app has a plethora of features and options available.


A community of over 40 million people shows how great a running app MapMyRun is. It has special integrations like social sharing among friends and running to nearby places to achieve virtual goals helps its participants to keep on moving. The in-depth customization helps you sync your run tracks with devices like Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone, and Under Armour.

It is both available on Andriod and iPhone.


I saved the best for last. If discovering new places while running is your thing then you should download RunGo. The turn-by-turn, voice navigation feature helps you stay on course. The app lets you choose from 100,000 destinations sorted in its database. Best of all you can use this baby offline. It is compatible with Apple watch and has a yearly subscription of only ten dollars. Now that is something hard to miss out on.