While the Oscars are all about celebrating the best of films, it also is a platform where we get first looks and sneak peeks of upcoming projects. Disney debuted its first teaser trailer for "Mary Poppins Returns" during a commercial break on Oscars' night. The upcoming movie is a sequel to the 1964 American musical-fantasy film "Mary Poppins." A report by Cinema Blend was used for most of the information in this article.

The adventure begins

The story takes place during the Great Depression in London. Michael Banks and his sister Jane Banks are now grown-ups.

Michael lives with his three children, Annabel, John, and George, and their housekeeper Ellen in a house on Cherry Tree Lane. Mary Poppins along with street lamplighter Jack and eccentric cousin Topsy reunites with the Banks' family.

Cast and crew

The trailer doesn't give away much, but it does take you inside the cinematic universe set in the year 1964 of London. The movie is directed by Rob Marshall and has a stellar cast that includes, Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep and Colin Firth. Music is everything, especially for Disney movies. The Grammy-winning composer and lyricist Marc Shaiman is the man behind the musical composition of this film.


The question that has been making rounds on social media and among cinema-goers is: Will the movie live up to its expectations?

The hype around this movie is massive. People are curious to see whether Emily Blunt, will do justice to this Iconic role. Will she be able to surpass the iconic performance by Julie Andrews? A lot of expectation surrounds this sequel. Let's hope this movie lives up to its expectations.

Julie Andrews approves

Emily Blunt revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that director Rob Marshall recently had a chance to talk to Julie Andrews about Blunt taking over the Iconic role.

Not only is Julie Andrews perfectly fine with Emily Blunt as the new face of Mary Poppins, but she also is quite happy with the casting choice for the movie. Emily Blunt also revealed that her version of Mary Poppins would be a little different. “We’re delving into the books a lot more,” she explains, “which is a different version of the character, I’ll say that much.” How different will this version be?

That's up to debate but will it be as Iconic as the previous version? Only time will tell.

Release date

The scheduled release date of "Mary Poppins Returns" in the US is December 25 and December 21 in the UK. Below is the teaser trailer for the movie "Mary Poppins Returns."