This article is not really a review of "Metal Gear Survive," but rather, a report on why this edition of the game Franchise may be the single-most hated one yet. The reason why "Metal Gear"became such a huge deal in the first place is based on how it explored the category of stealth games. How the direction of the game was clear and to the point, but also very intriguing. So how come a company like Konami can tarnish the image of one of its most beloved game franchises? Well, that's what we're here to find out.

The gameplay

From the very starting sequence of "Metal Gear Survive," the players encounter many questions.

Why is there a wormhole over Mother base? Why is there a zombie infestation? And what does this all have to do with Diamond Dogs? It's not like these questions aren't answered throughout the 25-30 hour-long single-player campaign. However, the problem is that their answers aren't interesting enough for the work they put us through.

The opening hours of the game are boring simply because of long tutorials. These tutorials are provided for managing your hunger and thirst levels, to harvesting zombies for Kuban Energy, the main currency of the game that is used for everything.

The game's base enemies are called the wanderers. They are zombie-like creatures and aren't very smart. They move around very slowly and are very mindless, so you can easily avoid them.

Fighting with them isn't very challenging and is very predictable.

The reason for the downfall of "MGS" is its gameplay. Why Konami thought we needed a zombie-based game is beyond me. What will be the future of the "Metal Gear" franchise is something only time will reveal.


"MGS" has been getting a lot of negative press lately.

Angry reviews, a disappointed fan-base, and the departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami -- everything seems to be working against "Metal Gear Survive." A significant drop in its revenue shows how bad this has damaged the image of a beloved franchise. Some fans and critics, however, do see this edition in a much more positive light.

According to them, this can be a good change for the franchise and can help it to evolve into something big. Their opinion suggests that this creative liberty can help add more layers to the game, which will help in creating further editions of the franchise. Are they right? Well, only time can tell.


Konami needs to be very careful in the future with the direction it takes with this franchise. Overuse of creativity is not a very good idea. Konami, be careful next time, I haven't given up on you. At least not yet.