Technology is changing, and the Tech World is growing faster than we can say Millennials, so it's no surprise that the latest smartphones are built with top-notch state of the art cameras. The Evolution of the Camera all started with the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy—both seem to be the most popular models out in the market today, and both are competing head-to-head to be the number one choice for buyers.

Samsung has been equipping their Galaxy phones with a camera that has the quality to pretty much replace any DSLR camera, but Apple is catching up, and recently their iPhone 8 and iPhone X camera is out-performing Samsung's with quality photos that need little to no editing.

Companies like Aukey, Lenzi, Olloclip and now Spivo have been producing lens attachments that can easily be mounted to smartphones, tablets, and laptops to help you create photos and capture memories beyond than what any simple cell phone camera can capture.

These lens attachments vary, but the usual are:

  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Macro Lens
  • Zoom Optical Lens

With easy attachments that can be clipped on, screwed on, or attached to an individual phone case, these additional lenses are allowing people to go beyond just capturing a moment.

360 Degree Cameras

The other camera that's taking the Camera Industry by storm lately is the 360-degree cameras. These portable and easy to carry and travel with cameras have been allowing people and businesses to immerse their audience with the 360-degree footage.

The 360fly adventure camera, for example, allows one to capture video and photographs in 360 degrees and one can do so much more through their desktop and/or mobile app where one can change or add to the content. This diversified camera is all weatherproof and the quality of the footage is outstanding. And let's not get started with the Virtual Reality Cameras that go hand in hand with the 360-degree concept when using a headset.

The question is.....

Will these upgraded cameras on our smartphones and all-weather advanced 360-degree cameras replace the bulky DSLR or Mirrorless Camera?

An answer that we'll just have to wait and see. Will our advanced technology give us the tools to learn from the past? Most will remember the Film Strip Camera, right? Though, some will argue that nothing beats the quality of a film camera, it's frankly obsolete.

The exception I'd say is the Polaroid Camera. The Polariod Camera was oboslete until it made a surprisingly comeback with the Instax Camera, and it's the Mellinnials that they should be thanking.

These days, all one really needs to set out on a photographic adventure is your smartphone, a mic that can easily plug into the headphone jack of your phone, and a gimbal or tripod for stabilization, and good lighting.