There's never a dull moment for tourists and guests visiting Los Angeles, and finding something to do is never a problem. Los Angeles is the home of the finest museums, the best amusement parks, and sightseeing adventures day and/or night for the entire family with opportunities to take those memorable selfies.

OUE Limited has just given Los Angeles the best view of the City in its own backyard. In June 2016, OUE developed their first attraction here in Los Angeles with its Skyspace LA. and it had the people of L.A. in mind. The US Bank Tower is one of the tallest building in L.A.

and it's home to Skyspace LA. The famous 800lb enclosed slide sits securely over the side edge of the US Bank Tower building and overlooks the City.

With something for everyone, Skyspace LA is perfect for the entire family to enjoy. The 54th floor is where you'll start off and guests of all ages will enjoy exploring the Interactive Room. Two adjacent panoramic screens show a time lapse view of Los Angeles and give a spectacular view of the great City.

The elusive Infinity Mirror is also a popular selfie stop with its illuminating rays of pink and purple lights that descend down an old elevator shaft. And a favorite is the Silhouette Wall that a surely going to attract the attention of young children, as your reflection is mimicked through sensory lights.

Showcasing the City

What Skyspace LA is mostly known for amongst Angelenos is the notorious Sky Slide. Though this may not be the attraction for those who have issues with heights, you can still have a great time inside the lounging area. And for the thrill seekers who want to experience Los Angeles up close and personal, then the Sky Slide is a must!

Starting at the 70th floor, you'll gather your wits onto a special sliding mat that will help you slide down to the 69th floor. I do warn, don't close your eyes, because the slide down is rather quick and yes... it's Oh-So-Worth it.

Fear not, our L.A. weather will not interfere with your enjoyment on the Sky Slide. The inside of the enclosed slide is air conditioned and was even built to withstand a category 1 hurricane.

OUE also made sure to build and equip the slide with a ramp so that those who use wheelchairs can have an easy access to get on the slide as well. And for those who change their minds at the top, no problem! You can take the stairs that lead down to the 69th floor where you can meet with your friends at the Observation Deck.

The Observation Deck is the showstopper where you can lounge with a drink or snack and enjoy the breathtaking 360-degree view of Los Angeles. With a birds-eye view of the City, this is the spot for those perfect photo opportunities.

Skyspace LA is the perfect place for those visiting our La La Land.

Travel Blogger Yvette Cordova of Lushqn1_Travels had an opportunity by OUE Skyspace LA to visit and ride the Sky Slide first hand. Giving me permission to share her photos, She highly recommends that everyone should visit and experience L.A. in new heights.