Essential Products has been criticized for releasing its Essential Phone Android handset with mediocre camera performance. However, Essential Products' blog post made it known that the company is currently launching a software update to enhance Essential Phone’s camera performance.

Essential Products claimed that the over-the-air programming (OTA) update will boost the smartphone’s camera performance by 40 percent. Essential Products also claimed that the camera update will improve Essential Phone’s capture speed, including the speed of capturing images in low light condition.

Low light conditions

In terms of low light conditions, the smartphone’s camera update also enhances brightness when capturing images. Essential Phone’s low light photography is one of the device’s weakest aspects as it was previously considered that images taken in low light conditions are not exposed properly and have several digital noises.

Adding up to Essential Phone’s camera improvements, Essential Products is also launching a number of improvements to the handset’s 360-degree camera accessory. The smartphone’s camera update will now allow users to capture spatial sound when filming 360-degree footages, which could provide 3D audio to the video. According to Android Central, Facebook and YouTube will support the spatial sound.

Essential Phone users will be able to utilize the volume up and down buttons of the mobile device as the 360-degree camera’s shutter button. The handset’s camera update will add a new countdown timer when capturing 360-degree videos, according to Mashable.

Camera features

Essential Products released the handset with a dual 13MP camera system that features one monochrome Black & White image sensor as well as one color sensor.

Photos taken by both sensors are combined to generate a single photo. This could allow the mobile device to provide superior image quality, but reviews for the camera performance of the mobile device were not great.

Capturing photos in low lighting conditions usually produce poor quality images. Several images would look fine, but the camera of the smartphone will generate photos that are not clear.

Launching the camera app of the mobile device is also slow, which means that its users might not capture the moment they wanted.

Nevertheless, Essential Phone owners are hoping that the camera update will definitely provide significant improvements to the device. Users can download the update from the Google Play Store.