The days of 'Let's go to Ensenada and get drunk for spring break' are a thing of the past as Mexico's inviting and all-inclusive atmosphere attracts tourism to its beautiful beaches. But, there's a new scene that's getting attention and wine enthusiasts are flocking across the border to Valle De Guadalupe.

Valle de Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe is nestled in Baja, Mexico and is home to the best wineries in Ensenada. Sounds familiar? It should. More and more travel agencies are noticing the widely popular Valle de Guadalupe for its exquisite hot spots and its landscapes and that's bringing tourism for more than just Cerveza (beer) and fruity sangria.

With Mexico having a lot to offer, it's not its warm beaches, rich culture, friendly locals, and all inclusive deals that are gaining popularity among its visitors and tourists—the wineries are gaining well deserved 5-star reviews on yelp, and the folks over at Boca Roja wine Adventures know where to find the hidden spots.

Boca Roja Wine Adventures

Boca Roja Wine Adventures is no stranger to Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe. While Valle de Guadalupe has been generating the recent attention it deserves, it's been on Boca Rojas Wine Adventures founders, Tim Barnes and Katie Blando's radar since 2015. Wanting to share their love for Mexico's food, culture, scenery, and wine were the reason Tim and Katie came up with the idea.

It's always suggested to stay close to resorts and not travel alone when in Mexico, but this isn't Boca Roja (Red Mouth) Wine Adventures first rodeo. Starting in sunny San Diego where they pick up guests and embark on a fun 2-hour drive across the border to Baja, Mexico. Giving guests a tour along the way, Tim knows where the hidden gems are for a taste of real authentic Mexican food that will surely satisfy one's appetite--and these aren't your typical food trucks found on street corners like the ones in the States.

Saftey is priority

You won't find any walls standing in your way to enjoying a wonderful time. The number one question that I hear from travelers when visiting Mexico is, is it safe?

When asked about the safety concerns when crossing the border into Mexico, Tim Barnes says that he's never felt a moment of danger in Baja, but like in any City, one needs to be a smart and safe traveler. Boca Roja Wine Adventures puts safety first for their guests.

Tim provides a safe tour while en route to Valle de Guadalupe, and he knows the ins-and-outs of where to go and what to do, which makes him the perfect guide to have around.

And of course, with any out of the States travel, a passport is needed to cross the border from San Diego to Baja, Mexico.