Seriously, when was the last time you saw someone wearing a smartwatch? I don't mean Fitness bands, but actually Smartwatches, like the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, or a Fitbit Blaze. You have probably never heard of the last one. This article will mention features people want in a smartwatch, not gimmicks or functions nobody uses.

Standalone mode

If your smartwatch needs a phone nearby, it's practically useless. What's the point of having a smartwatch with you if you can't make a separate call, without using your cell phone line? The Apple Watch Series 3 finally supports standalone mode, but it was released in 2017, three years after Samsung started supporting it with the Samsung Gear S.

After watching a lot of reviews online, it is still not at the point when you cannot leave your phone and use only your smartwatch for everything you need.

Games and Music

One word: Boring. I have a smartwatch and the games are very simple. It is pretty cool to be able to play games on your watch, but they are not too elaborate. You can play Pokémon GO with the Apple Watch, but that's pretty much it. A quick look at the App Store and you will find mini versions of games, the same as in the Google Play Store. I have Pac-Man in my Gear S and it's a fun game, but that's pretty much it.

With the newest Apple Watch, you can listen to playlists from Apple music without a phone nearby, as well as your own library, but it took years for Apple to finally add these functions.

You also need to pay a premium if you want to listen to the whole apple music library in your apple watch; you can listen to your own music for free though. It also kills the battery if you listen to music for a long period of time; which is the case for most or all smartwatches.


It feels a little strange to wear any kind of watch if you are not used to wearing one on a daily basis.

Fitness bands are different because they are softer and barely have a screen. Having a GPS, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and even speakers are all must if you are spending over $250 on a smartwatch, but they do make the smartwatch bigger.

Why should you still buy one?

I started working out more because of the watch features, and I also felt like I needed to reach my 10,000-step goal every day, which was a huge incentive to stay fit.

With a GPS sensor and a streaming service within the smartwatch, I could leave my phone behind and go running with only my Samsung Gear S. You can also watch videos, with some of them take pictures, and even access the internet. Before buying one, you should do your research and look for one that will actually help you improve your daily life.

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