Facebook is a social network that has become one of the major tools for collecting personal data from the internet. Facebook is monitoring everything users see, like, visit, and comment on in order to chart best public profile. The purpose of this monitoring is to provide people or advertisers with more personalized and suggestive information in the future, with the presentation of advertising according to preferences. A report by CNN tech provided many of the details used in this article.

The question that each of us should ask is, "What personal information does Facebook collect?" The answer can be given through the Data Selfie extension of the Chrome browser.

Data Selfie is an extension of Google's Chrome browser, with the main goal is to find out everything Facebook knows about its users.

When installed in a browser, the program will work in the background, dissecting everything the Facebook user does, presenting news according to their preference, the pages they visit, the time the user takes to read content, articles, and news they like.

How does this Extension work?

Data Selfie has a whole technology behind it, for example, part of this report is generated by IBM Watson, which is an IBM special computer that has artificial intelligence and displays your personality, as tastes, values, writing style, or trends social, among other parameters.

Another part of the report is based on the Magic Sauce API, which sets up a psychological and demographic profile, from the vestiges that the user leaves on the internet.

For example political tendencies, religiosity, consumption habits, or sentimental situation.

If you want to know or install the software in your browser, Data Selfie is available in several languages and you can download the Data Selfie page in your browser. Because privacy is essential, Data Selfie keeps all the information stored on the users' computer, thus not passing any data out.

Also to ensure that the information is used consciously and that this extension is secure, the creator of Data Selfie has decided to make its source code accessible to all and is therefore available on GitHub. If users want to know more about the information collected by Facebook, they can test the Data Selfie and they will be astonished by everything that is possible to know; worse, what can be predicted about each of the users.

What personal data can you access?

The information collected is even offered to the social network. That includes name, e-mail address, city, telephone contacts, profession, marital status, academic studies, interests, and more. This type of information is always stored on a Facebook profile, depending on privacy settings. But there is much more than that and the user can download a file containing all the content that Facebook keeps on the user.

So, for example, open the Facebook homepage and, in the upper right corner, click the triangular icon to open the menu and enter your account settings. Go to the general section and have your report printed on your data. In just a few hours the impression of the data report extracted from your Facebook profile is sent to your e-mail.

You can then save the file to a folder on your computer. To view, just open the item index.html in any browser. You do not have to be connected to the internet since all the documents cited are transferred together and accessible offline.