social media is changing the way increasing numbers of people do things in their everyday life and causing an unhealthy dependence on the platform. Many are using Facebook as if it were an advice column and some post intimate details that years ago would have been written in a personal journal. What is most alarming is how many individuals seek prayer from Facebook rather than go to the Creator on their own. There is also a trend where folk wish a happy birthday to deceased loved ones, some even posting as if they were actually talking to the dead.

Facebook is not Dear Diary or Dear Abby

Decades ago, teenage girls would write their innermost thoughts in a journal and begin by stating "Dear Diary." Everything held within the pages was considered sacred and placed under lock and key. Today we have adults giving intimate details of marital or relationships woes, problems at work or medical issues online for all the world to see.

Many Social media users also ask for help with personal problems from their Facebook friends as if the online platform were an advise column such as Ann Landers and Dear Abby. People seem to forget that among their hundreds or thousands of FB friends may be those who will take what they read to the streets. I've been in the grocery store and other public places and listened as personal details of online posts were talked about and even laughed at.

Social media should not replace prayer or common sense

Before the days of Social media, people prayed in private or while in church but now that day is over. My Facebook newsfeed had hundreds of people daily asking the mythical "on duty prayer warriors" to pray for them rather than praying for themselves. It is disturbing to see so many people believing that posting a prayer request online will guarantee it will be answered.

Social media should not replace a personal prayer life, neither should it take the place of common sense. There are also growing numbers of Facebook users who talk to their deceased loved ones through their posts. They wish the happy birthday or express how much they miss them as if the individual were listening. This can be dangerous because on most all paranormal television shows, people seeking to communicate with the dead often interact with an evil spirit who impersonates their deceased loved one.

Most people say it's their page and they can post what they want and this is true. It is still disturbing to see so many jump on the bandwagon of every Social media trend without thinking about it first. It brings to mind Ephesians 4:14 which talks about immature believers who are tossed too and fro or back and forth with every wind of doctrine. Mature adults should be careful and not let Facebook lead them astray.