Laptops are incredibly practical due to their portability and size, allowing for us to complete desktop tasks from anywhere. As the years progress, mobile and laptop technology have been improving rapidly, and devices have been becoming smaller and more powerful. Eventually, the smartphone emerged, a Device so small that it can fit in your pocket.

A phone, laptop and desktop in one

Unfortunately, there is still a huge gap between laptops and smartphones. Smartphones typically don't have as capable operating systems as laptops and don't have big enough keyboards.

This is where the Gemini Pda android and Linux mobile device comes in. The Gemini PDA is a two in one mobile device with a dual boot option for both Linux and Android. It features a built-in, but foldable QWERTY keyboard with ergonomic and tactile keys, and a surprisingly thin outer shell. The device itself has an ultra-wide touchscreen display and is only 17cm x 8cm x 1.5cm large. The 6-inch hi-res colored screen is better than most smartphone screens. The Gemini also has an integrated voice assist button that makes your job much easier. This device completely reinvents the classical PDA into something bloggers, gamers and student can use and love, without the hassle of a large device.

Feature packed device

The Gemini has everything you would expect from a baseline laptop including the keyboard and Linux, but has the size and OS of a smartphone in unison. The device has both wifi and 4G options, a USB-C connected, an external speaker, and an SD card slot. Best of all, you can connect extra screens, mice and keyboards to the Gemini so you can use it to its full potential.

You can connect many other things to the USB-C port, including hard drives, SD cards, cameras and more USB-C ports.

In retrospect, this device is revolutionary, and finally utilizes and combines the ideas many developers have had in the past few years. It's a laptop that fits in your pocket and can be used on the bus, subway or even when walking.

The device is feature packed, and has a USB-C port, allowing other gadgets to be compatible with it. If executed properly, the Gemini can be life-changing in modern society, and change the way we use our devices. Currently, the device goes for $399 USD, cheaper than many smartphones and laptops sell for individually. With the ongoing development of this product, the reinvented PDA has a bright future and can change the way we blog forever.