In general, many more people like to listen to the so-called “emo” genre. Yes, I know that “emo” is not really an actual genre, but it is a popular, but unique style of music which has powerful and dark lyrics. In unison, metalcore is also beginning to become a more popular genre. So, why don't we fuse them? That is when the band Sworn In comes to play. I can already sense that people are going to bash me for calling the group “emo,” but the group labeled themselves in an interview, so I can't change their words.

They are beyond unique

Sworn in does a near perfect job at integrating this grungy, dark sound (often found in so-called “emo” music) into metalcore.

This creates unique, but really cool sounding tracks. The group described themselves as “emo”, and try to make their music a dark as possible. I can confidently credit them for pulling it off nicely, and for doing a great job at presenting it. Nearly every track composed by them sounds phenomenal. I took a look at their recent album called “ALL SMILES.” and found a few tracks that really caught my mind.

The first track in the album called “MAKE IT HURT” does a sufficient job of displaying their sound. The song features your standard metalcore fry mid-scream that you often find in a metalcore song, but has these eerie sounding choruses. The cleans sound really interesting and make the songs sound incredibly dark.

I don't really want to go in depth with the lyrics, but once you hear them, you will have no issue with figuring out why they refer to themselves as “emo”.

Another track worth listening to is called “ALL SMILES.” It starts off with clean vocals, that are built up with the assistance of the instrumentals into a harsh and aggressive scream.

I want to say that the song almost sounds whinny, but in a really positive way. If it makes it any easier to visualize, the track inflicts dark emotions, enforcing a spitting image of someone crying from anger. It's difficult to explain in words, but once you hear their songs, you will understand.

Final words

In retrospect, Sworn In is a band worth listening to.

They have this special, unique sound fusing “emo” music into metalcore which is a really easy style to fall in love with. They are one of a kind and add a new twist to the genre of metal. Some tracks worth checking out are “MAKE IT HURT,” “ALL SMILES,” or the “ALL SMILES” album as a whole. If you are interested in listening to them, you can find their content on Spotify or YouTube.