As the year comes to a close, shoppers are still looking for a great deal before Christmas. Smartphones got plenty of media attention, but it does not mean you have to settle for less. With Christmas just a week away, there are options to still purchase the best deals on tablets for this busy 2017 holiday season.

Cyber Monday [VIDEO] ($3.45 billion online sales) was a hit this year, and Black Friday [VIDEO] achieved a milestone compared to previous years.

As inventory shrinks or comes down in numbers, it is essential not to wait until the last minute to shop.

In the next sections, we will go over some of the best deals and discounts on tablets.


In addition, what retailers are offering the best pricing and what e-commerce websites are offering great Tablet online deals.

What retailers are offering the best deals on iOS and Android devices

According to Tabletpcreview dot com, there are several door busters to check out from Apple, Windows, and Amazon. The first item on the list is, of course, the Apple iPad Pro. The 10.5 inch iPad Pro has a $125 discount when you shop at Best Buy. This means the 64 GB tablet is $524.99 instead of $649.

Similarly, the Minneapolis-based retailer is offering $120 off every version of the Apple tablet product line. On the other hand, Walmart is pricing the tablet at $599.99 for the 64 GB version. This represents $50 worth of savings.

Not too sure about acquiring on Apple tablet? Best Buy along and the Microso Store are offering $200 off the Microsoft Surface Pro 2017.


The price is $799 and not the usual $999. Alternatively, the giant online retailer, Amazon, is knocking off substantial pricing on the new Amazon Fire 7. Normally, it sells for $49.99 and the asking price is $29.99.

You cannot include this lineup of tablets without mentioning the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. The Samsung 10.1 inch tablet comes with 16 GB and sold at both Best Buy or Target. The price is $199.99. The total savings is $80 off the Original Price.

Alternative tablet deals from Wacom, iRULU, and Offers dot com

The tablet promotions from iRULU vary across the board. All of them are powered by Android. You have the iRULU eXpro 3 Tablet for $49.99. Also, you can purchase the iRULU eXpro 3 Plus tablet for $79.99. The original price was $129.99.

Wacom has announced a flash sale of refurbished models from its online store. The discounts and savings will be lasting until December 20.

You can purchase an affordable small Intuos Pen and Touch Tablet for $69.95. If you want to acquire the top of the line there is $445 saving on the MobileStudio Pro. The asking price is $1640.95.

If you want to skip the busy lines Offers dot com has a range of tablet deals. The promotions and discounts range from every major retailer to other major brands across the industry.


Tablets are still highly sought items. As the year winds down, it will be interesting to look back. To see what were the best-sellers, and who got to offer the best savings on the various products sold during the holiday shopping season.