The mobile world has been dominated lately by Apple and Samsung in the higher-end category. These phones are costly and out of reach of many people, thus creating a need for a mid-range phone with advanced features. An example of how the field of mobile phones is competitive and forever changing can be seen by how yesterdays star, the Blackberry, has almost gone into oblivion. Gadgets of NDTV has reported that the Chinese company Infinix, has launched a mid-range phone with advanced features. The phone zero-five is moderately priced and will probably sell for around $300.

For this price, the customer will get a phone with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of storage space.

Infinix mobile

Infinix is not a new company, as they have already launched two lower cost models. Now they have come out with a phone that will be a match for higher-end phones. The specifications of the device are impressive, as it sports a six-inch screen with full HD display. The body of the phone is made of metal, and the plastic body has been done away with completely. The phone supports dual cameras with flash for both rear and front-facing cameras. For selfie buffs, the phone will be a treat with 12MP + 13 MP rear camera, and a 16 MP front camera. This will help users take awesome photos with 2x optical and 10x digital zoom.


The heart of any phone is its processor. This phone is powered by the Helio P25, 2.6 GHz octa-core processor and six GB of RAM. The Infinix Zero5 with six GB of RAM gives the user a powerful tool to browse the web even when the phone is running multiple apps at the same time.

The phone has a six-inch screen meaning some people with smaller hands may not find it convenient to use.

It is also a shade heavier than most phones at 190 grams. But it packs a massive 4350 mAH battery, which more than compensates for its other drawbacks. This battery can last the user for at least two days with moderate usage before a recharge.


The major drawback is the company is a complete unknown and doesn't have much of a track record in this field.

Just like other Chinese companies Vivo and Oppo, this company may also do well by introducing durable products. The field of mobile phones is being taken over by China, and even Samsung is manufacturing its products there. The BBC has reported that the Chinese, want to capture the mobile phone market and their companies are launching several phones within all price ranges, to entice would-be customers all over the globe. It will be interesting to watch how the Chinese mobiles last in the long run. People have a fixed image, that Chinese goods are cheap, but inferior in quality. It remains to be seen if the Chinese ever get away from this tag.