Yesterday, on 20th December 2017, Magic Leap, a start-up focused on virtual reality, released more information about their new Magic Leap Lightwear. According to them, their new Magic Leap Goggles will revolutionize the way people will interact with computer and reality. The difference between Lightwear and current VR goggles is that Lightwear does not replace the reality, it actually includes new layers of virtual reality on it. Also, their new goggles resemble normal glasses, but they have a small computer built-in and this computer can inject any kind of life-like moving creature or thing into our reality.

The company behind Lightwear

As said before, Magic Leap is a start-up. What you may not know is that they are working with technology since 2011, the year they were founded. Also, receiving investments from many companies and interest from bright minds, they have been working on virtual reality since the moment they were founded. The founder of the company is Rony Abovitz, a bioengineer. The company has not shown anything to the public until now. From 2011 until now, they have just invited some journalists to see demos. The information we have now came from the interviews those journalists did with Magic Leap and Rony Abovitz. During the development of this new technology, the company received money from giant companies such as Google and Alibaba.

They believe the technology behind Lightwear can be so significant as the birth of the Internet itself.

The possibilities behind Lightwear

According to David Nelson, creative director at USC Institute for Creative Technologies, Lightwear could mean the "death of reality". For example, one of the possibilities behind Magic Leap goggles is Pokémon really coming to our reality.

For example, Niantic already has the intention of creating AR glasses that could do it. Instead of glasses created by Niantic, the game could be developed for Lightwear and the Pokémon would mix themselves with our reality. Also, other companies, such as Sony, are releasing new versions of their VR goggles. Magic Leap has a great opportunity to release something new, different, and innovative.

Furthermore, their glasses would be different than all those goggles that you already can find on the market.

How Does Lightwear Work?

As said before, current VR goggles create a new reality that has no base in our own reality. On the other hand, Lightwear mixes our reality with a virtual reality. During the tests, Magic Leap provided glasses to the journalists who experienced the new technology. In their headquarters in South Florida, there is an entire building that works as a theme park in which you can test the glasses. According to the journalists, our reality and the reality proposed by Lightwear are not so indistinguishable, but it is very close to that. They said the animations you see with the glasses are like stickers in real life. In conclusion, this new technology seems very interesting and as many people said, it could break the barrier between reality and fantasy or even the Internet.