In 2016, Sony entered the virtual reality market with its playstation vr headset or the PSVR. Close to its first anniversary, On October 2, the Japan-based company announced that it is working on an upgraded version of the headset which will come with HDR support and connected headphones. The new PlayStation Vr Headset will be powered by an upgraded processor and will be accompanied by integrated stereo headphone cables.

While there were no new additions to the Sony VR headset in the past one year, the market price of the gadget dropped a little.

This change in purchase price helped passionate gamers play popular VR gaming titles such as “Farpoint,” “Superhot VR,” and “Robinson: The Journey” on the PlayStation.

HDR pass-through support comes via new processor

Sony revealed that the new PlayStation VR headset would be coming with an enhanced Processor Unit, which will enable HDR passthrough to the PSVR. This addition will allow the PSVR headset owner to stream HDR content on their TV screen without unplugging the unit at first. For the unfamiliar, the PlayStation 4 received an HDR update in 2016. However, to make it work, users had to first disconnect the Processor Unit placed between the PlayStation 4 gaming console and the TV screen.

The new functionality will be applicable only when the VR headset’s power was switched off.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the new headset bears the model number CUH-ZVR2. The company states that the new device will sport a slimmer and more streamlined connection cable. Sony also says that the packaging will be slightly different from the older model, helping consumers distinguish between the two.

Apart from the various model numbers, the product image print on the box will also be different. The image will be edited to show the new additions that have been given to the model, such as the integrated headset.

PSVR headset: when is the launch and what will it cost?

While Sony did not state when the new VR headset will be available in the U.S., it shared that the new headset’s purchase price will remain the same as the older model.

The company also divulged that consumers won’t be able to switch Processor Units from the new headset to the older model as both the headset cables of are completely different. It has also announced that all the console’s virtual reality-supported gaming titles can be played using the upcoming PSVR headset.