Now, gamers who play Pokémon GO on iPhone will have a new feature to explore. Pokémon GO will receive AR+ Mode. In this mode, augmented reality will be enhanced and the experience of catching Pokémon will be even funnier. Although Pokémon GO had its peak of popularity in July 2016, when it was launched, there are still people who play this fantastic game. That is demonstrated by the many gamers who record themselves playing and sharing it on YouTube. According to Niantic, they based the changes in the game on the ARKit framework, a framework created by Apple, which means that we will not likely see AR+ Mode anytime soon on Android.

AR+ Mode is part of iOS 11

Apple introduced this new functionality on iOS 11. Once it was added to iOS, Niantic developed new features for the game based on Apple's implementation. The new ARKit framework let Niantic optimize the game and the way the game places virtual objects in our real world. AR+ Mode is already present in the game code, but it has not been activated yet. Before the introduction of the new mode, Pokémon GO would use rough approximations of where real objects were. The new mode lets players take advantage of a new capture bonus called "expert handler." The bonus involves approaching the Pokémon cautiously, so as not to scare it away, and then to easily capture him or her. This new feature lets the player get more experience and extra stardust, which is an in-game currency that you need in order to upgrade your Pokémon.

The new AR+ Mode may divide iOS players and Android players

This new feature is present on iOS only. Android users will not have the ability to play using Pokémon GO AR+. This new feature comes from the partnership between Niantic and Apple. The latter even gave several iPhone X to Niantic in order for them to test the new feature.

On the Google side, ARCore, Google's compete AR developer platform, is being developed. Niantic considered using Google's new AR platform on the Android version, but, according to Hanke, the founder of Niantic, they will "leave that for speculation at a future date.”

New features coming to Pokémon GO

Besides AR+ Mode, Pokémon GO will also receive many new features like gym badges, Ex Raids, and the Master Ball.

According to Niantic, the development of gym badges will be linked to the raid system. Furthermore, according to a recent update, players analyzed the data of the game and found that the Master Ball had been implemented in the game. Also, Niantic confirms Christmas event release date and shiny Cleffa. It is worth noting that shiny Cleffa is already available on Niantic's servers. Shiny Cleffa will be released on December 23.