After a few months of anticipating, Razer has officially announced the world’s first 120Hz-display smartphones on Nov. 1, 2017, in London. The latest smartphone comes with a Chrome Razer logo at the back of the phones which indicate that the company is giving huge attention to its looks.

Even though the company is known for its gaming features in the past, Razer is now innovating its platform. Earlier this year, the company created Nextbit, a phone startup, which proved that the gaming company is transferring its podium into the smartphone ground.

Specs and Hardware

According to Razer CEO, Min-Liang Tan, the smartphone comes with a 5.70-inch IGZO layout. With its 120Hz screen display, the device has a smooth scrolling and navigation that result in a fluid viewpoint, especially when users play games on it. Tan further claimed that because of its 1,440-pixel resolution, the latest phone would not have any screen-tearing experienced

Razer Phone will be the loudest smartphone with its cinematic audio that is powered by Dolby Atmos. The device has dual front speakers, dual amplifiers, and 24-bit DAC which gives an excellence amalgamation for gaming purposes. Furthermore, its handset is certified by THX audio.

When it comes to hardware, a post by the Verge reported that the device comes with Snapdragon 835 while paring it with 8 GB of RAM.

The CEO also said that the Razer Phone could outperform any devices that feature Snapdragon 835.

The latest device offers an enormous battery life as it possesses a 4,000mAH battery and it is the first phone that supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4plus. In simple words, fans can watch movie up to 12.5 hours while having a seven hours gameplay in a single charge.

Users can also charge the device from zero to 85 percent within one hour.

Camera and Price

The latest phone features a dual-12MP for its back camera while its secondary lens that has two times of Telephoto which induces a lot of features. Most of the features will be included in its Portrait Mode, but Razer claimed that it would release new software updates that make take the user’s photography skills to the next level.

The company has partnered its games with several companies. The best part of it is that the upcoming phone has exclusive games that run at the 2k resolution while being optimized for the device. These also include an epic online battle game “Arena of Valor.”

The smartphone comes with a price tag of $ 699. Fans can reserve the Razer phone until it is released on November 17.