Gps functions just like any other software or gadget on your Android phone. The GPS helps track, locate, and even enhance internet connectivity on your phone. However, there are certain conditions that may affect the efficacy of the GPS, which you can easily fix without having to take it to the repair center. These are conditions you may not have known before but are actually responsible for the GPS' inability to perform. I'll go over these conditions.

Outdated google maps version on your Android phone

The GPS performance on your phone may be impaired if the Google Maps version on your Android Phone is outdated.

However, you can easily solve this issue in one or two ways by simply going to your Google play store. In the store, locate 'My Apps and Games', and click on it. Once you click on it, scroll down a list of your apps, locate maps and click on update.

Overloaded Volumes of data and cache on your Android phone

Depositing large amounts of cache and data on your Android phone is capable of obstructing the visibility of the GPS on your Android phone. Any data and cache that are of less importance should be cleared else it they occupy useful spaces of your phone's memory and impede on the performance of the GPS

However, you can easily fix this problem by simply checking the settings on your Android phone.

Once you are able to locate the application manager on your phone's settings, click on it. Then locate "maps" under "downloaded apps", and click on it. Once you have done that, there you will also find the "clear cache" button. Next, you simply click on this and a box will immediately.appear once you've pressed the clear cache button requesting that you confirm your decision to clear the cache.

Once you confirm your operation, then you head towards clearing the data by simply clicking on the "clear data" button after clearing the cache. Once you press the "clear data" button, a pop up box will emerge requesting you to confirm your operation by pressing either "Ok" or "Cancel."

Switching on your power saving mode

Your power saving mode when switched on can cause the GPS on your phone not to perform.

Power saving mode was designed to to save your battery life, but has a negative effect on the visibility of the GPS, especially when switched on. However, in this case, to restore GPS functions on your phone, you simply go to your phone's settings and click on switch off power saving mode.