Customers have praised the Microsoft Surface Book series for several reasons. Now the question comes, how will the Surface Book 3 fare in the market. It is worth noting that Surface Book series has made Microsoft one of the leaders in the high-end laptop market alongside Apple.

History Of the laptop

It was quite surprising when Microsoft unveiled the Surface Book in October 2015. Before this release, the US tech giant was heavily dependent on some of the companies which they used to help with hardware to make Windows laptops. The first version of the laptop was dubbed well in terms of looks, performance, and overall user experience.

The device came with the unique design and featured the detachable screen so the user can also use it as a tablet as well. Microsoft was in direct competition with the Apple and showed its partners that the company could make its own hardware.

In October 2016, the Surface Book updated version debuted in the market. Microsoft launched the device with a number of updates, the main highlight was an improved battery life. This has made the device an ultimate 2-in-1 laptop despite some flaws like distinctive fulcrum hinge and a slight change in design from its predecessor.

The speculated Surface Book 3

The first Surface laptop came in October 2015, the updated version in October 2016 and Book 2 in October 2017.

If things stand according to the previous sequence, users can expect the Surface Book 3 in October 2018. But, does the company really need to launch the updated version of the laptop every year? It is worth noting that Apple has rarely launched the updated version of their laptop every year. Meanwhile, the company has not confirmed anything regarding the launch of the device.

One can expect the Surface Book 3 to use the Intel Skylake-E processor (i9). Keeping in mind that the current Surface laptop featured an Intel i5-7300U dual-core processor, and Intel Core i7-8650U quad-core processor Book 3 could also get rid of 8GB RAM, which is currently sported by Book 2. The upcoming laptop may have an improved camera compared to the current model.

Book 3 might also come with a 16MP high-resolution camera.

Microsoft's next laptop is expected to have a 16-inch, and 15-inch screen size as the company is looking to eliminate the 13.5-inch display option. Battery life and the stylus pen will also be enhanced with Nvidia's high-end graphics card.

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