Microsoft’s most planned projects have started to face issues even before the launch. The company was estimated to unveil its much-awaited Surface Book 2 early this year. However, there are numerous rumors currently in the online podiums that the anticipated laptop device is not going to be announced to the market for now. Rumors also suggested that the firm has long been projected to be investing on a next-gen that may be dumping the outdated clip-on tablet for a standard clamshell project.

Talking about the original subject Surface Book 2, according to Tech Radar, Microsoft is focusing on expanding its existing lineup to reimburse for the delay and the firm appears to be working to improve the user-experience in their existing line-up.

Therefore, the new product, when it is ultimately exposed will allegedly integrate pioneering specifications and cutting-edge features.

New features with the device

The fresh update is anticipated to come along with plentiful enhancements. that will hopefully put some of the consumer reservations to rest. For example, the firm has also presented many changes to Cortana speech recognition. In addition to this, the rumors suggest that the video playback feature has also been upgraded. Customers will now be able to function on an application even while they are disconnected or offline, all because of the fresh update.

The architecture of Microsoft Surface Book 2 is anticipated to channel the old hinge design and will select a 2-in-1 tablet look that can be removed.

The concept is alluring but the users will have to wait and see if this actually occurs.

Windows 10 OS plus price

A recent report by Verge recommended that the users who use the device along with the Windows 10 Creator update may have fewer probabilities of using it at all. The update also suggests that the official State Bar has forbidden testers from using the device with the modern update.

However, the Company recently revealed an update that they are working on for Creators Update for Windows 10, The firm also assured that their ongoing strategies to guarantee an improved, enhanced and organized line-up. Microsoft Surface Book 2 is projected to be priced close to $1,000, much more costly than ther predecessor. Although no official confirmation has been released as yet, the Tech Radar have suggested that the new device could possibly be expected to be launched in October 2017.