The Iphone 6S is one of the best phones that Apple has released. It's been released for 2 years and the company is still selling them, which says a lot. Usually by now that phone would be done for, only available through reselling. The iPhone 6S has a lot of same features of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Here are 11 reasons why you should buy the iPhone 6S instead of the 8 or X.

The cost

The new iPhones range from $700 to $1,000 dollars. That's a ridiculous price for a phone. Even at $700, that's more than a lot of people pay for their rent or mortgage.

If you buy directly from Apple, you can get a brand new iPhone 6S for $450 and the 6S Plus for $550. That's still a lot, but the price is nearly halved. Plus, you can buy a refurbished iPhone 6S for even less.

It comes in rose gold

The iPhone 8 is available in silver, gold, and space grey. The iPhone X is only available in silver and space grey. However, the iPhone 6S comes in all of those colors as well as rose gold, a fan favorite.

They're identical

The iPhone 6S and the iPhone 8 look almost exactly alike.

The phones have the same shape as well as screen size and resolution. But if you do value design over all, the iPhone X is the phone you want. It has a new design and it looks great.

Metal back

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X both have glass backs in order for the phones to have wireless charging. The iPhone 6S has an aluminum back, which is less likely to break.

Charging speed

Since the phones have the same chargers, they'll all charge at the same speed.

Although the new iPhones offer support for faster charging and wireless charging, users have to buy extra accessories for those options.

It still runs great

The iPhone 6S uses the Apple A9 chip, which is still running well. The phone hasn't really begun slowing down with any updates and the Touch ID still works quickly. Although the iPhone 6S doesn't offer Face ID like the iPhone X, it's still a good decision.

Who needs to unlock their phone with their face, anyway?

The camera is great

While the iPhone 6S's camera doesn't outshine the camera on the iPhone 8, it's still a great camera. The quality is clear and not grainy. This is still a great feat to have considering the phone is two years old.

It still has a headphone jack

The new iPhones ditched the headphone jack, starting with the iPhone 7. While bluetooth is cool, many of us are still attached to using wired headphones and auxiliary cords. Even Android is starting to get rid of their headphone jacks. While we'll have to switch to wireless headphones eventually, we can still enjoy our headphones on the 6S.

The screen is great

Although the 8 and the X both have a wider variety of colors to show and the colors change better to suit your lighting, the screen of the 6S is still amazing. The colors are sharp and clear, even without the 5.8 inch screen from the iPhone X.

It runs the same software

The iPhone 6S runs on the same iOS software as the two newest phones. While all of the features may not be the same, it updates well and runs well with the same software.

What about augmented-reality?

Augmented-reality is the newest feature from Apple, which is similar to virtual reality. Overall, the feature is new and still being tested out.

While it's cool, it's not worth spending the extra money for a brand new iPhone. After all, the feature is destined to change several times before it's just right.

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