The iPhone X won't be easy to buy come this November. Pre-orders begin next month on October 27 and will be released in stores on November 3, The Independent confirmed. If you don't plan to pre-order yours, then getting one later down the road will be challenging.

We haven't seen a major redesign of the iPhone since the 6 and 6 Plus were announced back in September of 2014. Apple has a tendency to stick with the same design for several years before deciding to shake things up again. Where the changes are made are mostly internal. For example, better specifications, camera, and their new and improved operating system iOS.

This year Apple has everyone's attention again with their announcement of the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone ten).

There's also an iPhone 8

The iPhone X wasn't the only iPhone announced at Apple's 2017 keynote event this month. They also revealed the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus that share the same design as the 6, 6S, and 7 except now with glass on the front and back. It's not a new design but rather the best iteration of a design we've seen in the past three years.

I've seen how challenging it can be to pre-order a new iPhone. Because of such high demand, pre-ordering one can be frustrating, but that hasn't been the case with the new iPhone 8, according to YouTube personality, Dom Esposito. He tweeted, "there's so much availability." and "Not this time.

This was the easiest it's ever been. For any product from them," while pre-ordering his iPhone 8.

Pre-order the iPhone X

The traffic that Apple is going to have on their website during the pre-order launch of the iPhone X will be high. It may even cause the website to run slowly for some, especially if your internet connection is slow.

That can become frustrating but keep at it and keep refreshing. There should be no reason for you to give up unless Apple stops taking orders. Also, remember if it says your iPhone X won't be shipped until 2018 don't get discouraged because that could change and be shipped out earlier than expected.

The iPhone X is Apple's most exciting product launch since the first generation iPhone.

If you have no desire for the iPhone 8 then come October 27th at 12:01 AM I recommend you grab a cup of coffee, stay in, and be ready to pre-order your iPhone X whether it be through Apple's website or through your mobile carrier's website. Will you be pre-ordering the iPhone X? Let me know in the comment section below and how you plan to do it. Good luck!