Today, over one-third of the global population have gotten used to carrying with them a Mobile Device; a cell phone or a laptop, and already interact with these devices through the use of their Voice, by pushing a button or swiping the screen. These devices have made it possible for users to organize, purchase, pay for products and bills, monitor, message and talk in a new way. They have allowed us to control our garage and front doors, secure our property with Wi-Fi cams and motion activated floodlights, manage a programmable thermostat and our yards irrigation system.

They have become like old friends while saving us time and money.

New era of voice interaction

The new era of interacting with technology will be less of touch and more of visual and voice. This is because visual and verbal communication comes more easily and naturally to the human brain. One prime example of this is Amazon's Echo devices, announced the other day to be seven in total now, all controlled by voice through the use of microphones. The Echo devices are enhanced with cameras, screens and/or buttons. They announced that Alexa's voice-activated apps will now be able to notify users with a color change of the LED along with a short chime of weather updates or breaking news reports. Users will be able to opt in or opt out of this feature.

Amazon also announced that Alexa's this fall would be a little simpler with their unveiling of Routines. This feature will allow a user to command Alexa's to automate several tasks with a single command, making your Smart Home seem even smarter. Smart home devices compatible with Amazon Alexa will support Routines automatically, one only has to initiate the Alexa companion app.

Loving what you see

A good example of increasing our visual experience is the announcement yesterday, of the unveiling by Anker Technology of the Nebula Capsule, a portable handheld entertainment projector. A projector that measures 4.7 inches by 2.7 inches and only weighs 12 ounces. It was designed to provide dual functions; it allows any mobile device to project a screen up to 100 inches in size or can be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker that can play 40 hours of continuous music through its five speakers.

The Nebula Capsule comes with built in NetFlix, YouTube, HBO, Spotify applications via connection with Bluetooth, its HDMI1.4 port, Chromecast or Miracast. The Capsule runs on a version of Android Nougat.