Nintendo’s Super NES Classic Edition finally arrives to store shelves, following the footsteps of the highly successful NES Classic Edition. This time around, the gaming giant is looking to meet people’s demand for the brand new retro console by adding more units into production. Hopefully, there won’t be any stock issues, which was the biggest drawback over the predecessor.

The Snes Mini has 21 built-in classic games, including the unreleased “Star Fox 2.” But how does it compare to the original SNES console? The system isn’t perfect, but it does fare well in terms of emulating the games that were included, as shared by News Factor.

The SNES mini’s hardware

The original SNES was a tremendous success when it first came out in 1990. At that time, Nintendo was able to put together a gaming console that nobody could match in terms of power. That is why Nintendo fans have such high expectations for the miniaturized version of their beloved SNES console.

According to News Factor, Nintendo has successfully replicated the retro console with precise detail on the mini version, giving owners that sense of nostalgia when looking at the console up close and personal. However, the little cartridge slot and ports are only there for design purposes. The fake ports are opened to make way for the real ones so that owners can plug-in their perfectly designed controllers.

Speaking of controllers, Nintendo opted to include two controllers this time around as opposed to the one controller included with the NES Classic. In addition, the SNES mini controllers now have much longer cables.

The SNES gaming experience

Just like its predecessor, the SNES mini has an HDMI port so that the console can be connected to the modern TVs of today.

The system has three types of display modes; 4:3, Pixel Perfect and if you really want the retro look, the CRT Filter, which mimics the display of old TVs that the system was originally intended for.

The SNES Classic has the usual features that you would expect from emulators – save states, which allows players to save their progress in the middle of the game and return at any time.

However, a very useful feature is added to the retro console, which is the rewind button.

An option is now available to make your L and R buttons to act as your rewind buttons. This is ideal for gamers to go back and recover from their mistakes in the game, especially in difficult games such as “Super Ghouls N Ghost,” which can be very frustrating.