Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch is now available globally at a $299.95 retail price. The new smartwatch is a highly personalized device that the American company claims will track the health and fitness status of the user with never-before-seen depth. The feature is made possible by the company’s latest SpO2 sensor.

Aside from Fitbit’s applications, the Ionic smartwatch comes along with basic features, such as cross-platform compatibility, a battery life of up to four days, as well as sleep and activity tracking. The computerized wristwatch is made out of plastic and aluminum.

According to Fitbit’s press release, the new device will come along with an on-device fitness coach, where the fitness coach will customize workouts in accordance with the feedback of the Ionic user. The smartwatch will also feature a running companion that tracks the movement of the user by utilizing the company’s GPS as well as Global Navigation Satellite System access.

Device’s water resistance

According to Thy Blackman, the wearable features 50 meters of water resistance. Since the computerized wristwatch is waterproof, it can track lap duration as well as burned calories while swimming. Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch is available with a PurePulse feature, an enhanced heart rate monitoring system that will examine the user’s heart rate, and will provide more precise data.

The device also has a payment system, called Fitbit Pay.

Setting up the newly launched wearable is easy to do. Users must input their weight and height (which will be utilized to help calculate different kinds of tracking results), and select their preferred fitness goals. However, users are advised to update their goals so that they can adjust in accordance to how they progress.

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Unlike most computerized wristwatches, the Ionic smartwatch is compatible with Windows 10, Android and iOS, according to Criticism News. This means that users will install the device’s main application on their PC or handset and couple the devices.

Color options

Other features of the Ionic smartwatch include audio coaching sessions as well as sleep apnea monitoring.

Also, since the software development kit for the device has been made public, app developers can boost the capabilities of the wearable even more. The Ionic smartwatch is available in different color options: slate blue with a burnt orange tracker, a blue-gray band with a silver-gray tracker, and charcoal with a smoke gray tracker.