The world is becoming increasingly, digitally connected. In a time like this, the privacy of users is at the question. Tech companies have too often undergone scrutiny regarding this matter and Oneplus might be among them. A report by Tech Radar published last Wednesday claimed that OnePlus was collecting device/User Data without their consent. Chris Moore (software engineer) took to his blog to post information about the matter. He had discovered evidence that OnePlus was sending user data to the firm’s Amazon Web Services account.

What is the issue?

User data collected by OnePlus included details like cellular number, wireless network IDs, serial numbers timestamps of specific apps, screen information and MAC address.

OnePlus users were especially shocked to discover this because the Chinese giant hadn’t apparently taken their permission for the collection of data. The firm did not immediately offer a response to this matter.

Company's response on the matter

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei finally responded to the accusations. In an official Blog Post, he wrote that they will change the policy of collecting user data soon. He justified the action by saying that OnePlus collected the information with the aim to deliver a “better overall user experience.” Individuals now have the option of opting out of this program. They are simply required to toggle onto the “Settings” option, click “Advanced Settings,” and join the “User Experience Program.” As written by Pei, this will make the collection of data anonymous.

The company will no longer be able to collect personal information. While this is a temporary solution, OnePlus plans on providing a more permanent one later this month.

Pei says that OnePlus smartphone’s OxygenOS will be updated towards the end of October. After the update, the system will consist of a new splash screen. This will display all the information that is being collected by the company. Details like MAC addresses, Wi-Fi information, and telephone numbers will no longer be collected. The firm claims that they take the privacy of users “very seriously.” Therefore, they do not share user analytics with “third parties.” Their intention is to ensure that users experience a good service, OnePlus added. The company has also provided users with the option of contacting them directly to clarify any issues. The firm’s representatives are a message/email away.