It's no secret that Nintendo’s Switch gaming system is in high demand. However, the production of the Nintendo Switch is looking more optimistic as the Japanese tech firm has increased production of the console to two million units a month.

DigiTimes reported that Nintendo’s Switch console is currently manufactured by Hosiden and Foxconn Technology Group, with Foxconn in charge of more than 50 percent of the console’s production. In spite of DRAM’s severe shortages, Nintendo has managed to boost the production of Switch in cooperation with its existing partners.

The reason for the Nintendo Switch production increase is not just due to current demand as well as in particular shortages of the gaming system, but the company is thinking ahead with China anticipated getting the device at some point next year. That's going to put even more pressure on the supply of the console considering China’s market size.

The good news for the Nintendo company is that since the Nintendo Switch is so successful just months after its rollout, several manufacturers are trying to win the production contracts of the gaming console. Both Wistron Corporation and Pegatron Technology are very eager on doing a deal with Nintendo, with Pegatron positioning a team near Nintendo’s headquarters in Japan to make negotiations easier.

As far as how the production increase of the console will affect Europe and the United States, time can only tell. Nevertheless, a number of game enthusiasts in the US are hoping to get a Switch for Christmas.

Console’s new video games

Meanwhile, Nintendo enthusiasts are in for a treat as the Nintendo Switch Eshop added more titles this week.

Although it’s nothing like the 18 games that the company added last week, there are still a decent amount of video games that game enthusiasts can purchase. The new titles came from different genres, providing almost all of any gamer’s needs.

The new games include: “Stardew Valley,” “Axiom Verge,” “Metal Slug X,” “Earth Atlantis,” “Tumblestone,” “Volgarr the Viking,” “Ninja Shodown” and “Oxenfree.” The “Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle” and “Tiny Barbarian DX” will be available on October 10.

Mario’s outfits

The month's big release is the 3D platform video game, “Super Mario Odyssey.” The game’s new trailer surfaced on the internet ahead of its launch, which showcased a Photo Mode and Mario’s outfits. According to Comic Book, the game is slated to roll out for Switch on October 27.