It's safe to say that every gamer knows about Mario and his gang. The games have been around for ages, but they also keep coming out with new and improved games. Older games have even been getting new versions. It's everything that a Mario fan could want and more. Luckily, we'll be getting a "Super Mario Odyssey" before the end of the month.

The 'cap-tivating' trailer

Nintendo's social media marketer needs a pat on the back for that pun. One of the features of this new game is that Mario can throw his red cap, now sported with the name "Cappy," onto enemies and objects in the room in order to control them.

Although that's really disturbing and creepy, it's still a solid way to play the game and it still fits into the playing style of the "Mario" games. Plus, it's about time we receive another way to play and fight in the game.

As shown in the trailer, Mario is also given many new cool outfits. He's got an explorer outfit, a construction outfit, and many more other cool options. Of course, his original outfit is still there. It wouldn't be a "Mario" game if Mario didn't have his trademark plumber's outfit. Another feature of the game makes it possible to take photos of the game and have them sent to a mobile device in order to use them as backgrounds and lock screens.

This game also offers a two-player mode, where players can play with their friends.

The second player can also control Cappy given the chance. The idea of mind control is still not settling well with us, but we're willing to ignore it for the sake of a great game. And it really is looking to be a really cool new game for Mario fans far and wide.

Release date and merchandise

"Super Mario Odyssey" will release on October 27 for the Nintendo Switch.

Luckily, that's only a few weeks away for fans who are desperate to start playing this new game. And you'll have plenty of time to enjoy it as the year closes out. It's definitely looking to be a different game than the ones that we've seen before, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Fans also have a super cool chance to buy a Switch bundle with this game.

The package includes a Nintendo Switch, a copy of the game, a uniquely designed Switch carrying case, and red Joy-Cons. For extreme "Mario" and Nintendo fans, this package is amazing. The price for the bundle is currently $379.99. While that's a lot of money, it's worth noting that many Nintenswitchesh's are running at roughly $300 by themselves. If you've got the money and really are a die-hard fan, this bundle is worth it.