While the whole world is anticipating the release of the Apple iPhone X, a leak by noted Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo, suggests that the Cupertino tech giant may miss the 2017 super cycle. In other words, the iPhone X will have a very limited release. The smartphone may remain out-of-stock, well into 2018.

TrueDepth camera sensor issues to affect supply

Those waiting patiently to get their hands on the most-expensive iPhone ever may have to wait for quite some time before their dreams are realized. Kuo’s report was first obtained by MacRumors. The report also states the reason for the delay.

Apparently, Apple is facing problems mass-producing the TrueDepth Camera sensor.

The sensor will be used by the iPhone X for the Face ID facial recognition feature. If true, this is a tricky situation for Apple, as the company replaced the widely-admired Touch ID feature with Face ID. The removal of the Touch ID has also resulted in a polarizing notch at the top of the upcoming smartphone’s display, reports Forbes.

2017 iPhone sales may drop

It is possible that the manufacturing glitch will make quite a few fans angry. Kuo has even predicted unimpressive sales for the 2017 iPhones – iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. In 2015, the company was able to sell 231 million units. The figure fell to 211 million units in 2016.

The iPhone X was supposed to change everything.

However, Kuo believes, the iPhone X will be incapable of breaking any sales record. Total iPhone sales in 2017 may be somewhere between 210-220 million units. The months Jan-March in 2018 will see Apple grappling with production issues, though Apple will be able to address the issues eventually.

Sales are expected to pick up from April 2018.

Sales to pick up from 2018

Kuo states that the iPhone upgrades next year will be way more impressive than the 2017 installments. 2018 sales will be capable of producing a super-cycle of roughly 245-255 million units. Thus, the road does not seem fully dark for Apple fans, despite the bad taste the production issues are expected to leave behind.

Until January 2018, iPhone X stock could be limited to a total of two to four million units. One has to be really lucky to secure one before Christmas. Kuo has also spoken in favor of Face ID. He strongly believes that the feature will motivate a number of Android manufacturers to adopt facial recognition software. This means a move away from touch-based sensors.