Tesla Inc. owner Elon Musk has come out with a new, innovative idea to surprise people. Musk, who has a dream to send people to and establish a colony on Mars, plans to build a Rocket ship capable of taking people anywhere on earth within an hour, Bloomberg reported. His new project's code name is BFR (Big F****** Rocket).

New York to Shangai in 30 minutes

According to Musk's new concept, a journey from New York to Shangai would be possible in just 30 minutes, from New York to London in just 29 minutes, and from Los Angeles to Toronto in 24 minutes.

Musk planned to use a new mega-rocket of his Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (Space X) to lift the spaceship into orbit around the Earth. Elon's future spaceship would create a tough challenge for commercial airline industries.

The proposed idea of a big rocket and a spaceship is just theoretical, and Musk hopes that he would start working on it in the next six to nine months, according to the Verge. It would be the fastest method of traveling ever created in the history of humanity. The ship would be traveling at a peak speed of 18,000 miles per hour, which is faster than the British supersonic passenger jet Concorde. Elon explained that the BFR would accommodate 100 people in 40 cabins at a time.

Space X published a video on YouTube, illustrating that the spaceship would be able to carry people from a floating launchpad on water from one major city to another in maximum 30 minutes anywhere in the world. A video showed that Musk uses the same rocket for lifting the ship which he plans to use to send people to Mars by 2024.

The ship separates from the rocket when it leaves the atmosphere of Earth and travels to another city.

Musk's other plans

The 46-year-old billionaire previously said that he would invest his own personal assets to fulfill his dreams. Last year in Mexico, Musk proposed his Mars plans which created an enormous excitement but made a concern about financing the project.

This summer, Musk said that he would update his Mars plan, which would not have any payment details.

Musk wanted to send a spacecraft named Red Dragon to Mars in 2018, but he dropped this idea. Now, his new plans are to send BFR to Mars in 2022 and then possibly land humans on the red planet in 2024. He founded Space X in 2002, whose ultimate goal is to send people to other planets and start living there. Space X has finished 13 space missions this year, and still several missions are yet to launch including launches on October 7 and 9.