Google started an investigation into the Russian meddling in the last year's presidential election, Bloomberg reported. The company will find whether Russia-linked actors used Google advertisements to affect the election or not. Other social giants have also started their own investigations into the matter.

Earlier this month, Google said that it had not noticed any advertisements related to the Russian interference on its platform. The company expected $35 billion revenue on political ads in 2017, as most candidates promote their campaigns and messages online.

Facebook shared its findings with Google

Both Twitter and Facebook have revealed the information related to the Russian fake accounts and the money spent on political advertisements. The social giant Facebook has shared some information about Russian linked accounts with Google.

On September 22, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced to release the information of 470 Russian fake accounts that had bought 3000 ads. The main aim of those ads was to create social and religious disputes in the United States, including such issues as immigration, Black Lives Matter, and ammunition. Zuckerberg promised to collaborate with the U.S. government and solve the matter.

Three companies to attend congressional hearings

Google, Facebook, and Twitter will attend the Congressional Hearings in November to discuss their investigations into the Russian probe, Recode reported. The three companies were invited by Senate and the House intelligence committees. Senate Select Committee scheduled its meeting on November 1, and the House committee planned to invite the witnesses in October, ChicagoTribune reported.

The search giant Google has not faced much public scrutiny on the matter, although it has several platforms which could be used to influence the voting. Google owns YouTube and has Google Display Network, whose ads are placed on millions of websites.

A Google spokeswoman said in a statement that "We’re looking into how we can help with any relevant information." She also added that the company would definitely cooperate with inquiries, Bloomberg reported.

Twitter briefed Congress about Russian interference in the last year election. Twitter executives met the intelligence committees and promised to fight the malicious accounts and spams. The company is scheduled to hold a briefing with both committees, according to the Independent.