Russia-linked Facebook ads, which were used to influence last year's presidential election, targeted two swing states: Michigan and Wisconsin, CNN reported. The two swing states played a crucial role in the victory of Donald Trump last November.

Facebook provided the information about 3000 ads linked with Russian fake accounts to the congressional investigators. The ads were mainly focused on social and religious disputes and promotion of divisive messages, including anti-muslim sentiment in the United States. About 10 million people had seen the political divisive ads bought by the Russian to interfere in the 2016 election.

The company said that around 44 percent of ads were seen before the election and 56 percent after the election, the Hill reported.

Trump received votes in excess from Wisconsin

There is no information about the exact number of regions in the country that were targeted by the ads. A large number of ads ran in the areas that did not actively participate in the election, and some ads totally shook the public opinion in the heavily active areas, according to CNN.

Wisconsin and Michigan were the two states which led to Trump's victory over his opponent and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump won with 22,748 votes in Wisconsin and 10,700 in Michigan. It is unclear when exactly the ads started running in Michigan and Wisconsin in 2016, CNBC reported.

Robert Mueller's investigation

Both congressional committees and special counsel Robert Mueller are trying to find whether Trump associates helped the Russian in placing and targeting the ads. Facebook added some evidence related to the Russian meddling to Mueller's extensive investigation. Russian press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow is not responsible for the interference.

The White House officials did not comment on the matter. President Trump and the White House refused to have any collusion with Russia, and Trump called the matter a "hoax," CNN reported.

On Tuesday evening, US Representative for California Adam Schiff said that the House Intelligence Committee had been trying to find out whether the targeting ads pushed fake news or false claims against Hillary Clinton.

He also added that the panel was investigating whether any individual from Trump's campaign assisted Russian ads.

Last week, CNN revealed that one of the Facebook ads, purchased from Russian-linked fake accounts, was placed to target the audiences in Baltimore, Missouri, and Ferguson on Black Lives Matter.