It was a presentation that was a long time coming for Apple when, last Tuesday, they finally gave the public their first good look at all the electronics and gadgets the company has lined up for this year and the next.

Their micro-console and digital player Apple TV is upgrading to 4K-capability, while Apple Watch has gone to a Series 3 version with LTE connectivity. The centerpiece of the company’s presentation, of course, remains their latest lineup of smartphones. For the end of 2017, they will be releasing a double-whammy of upgrades with the generational successor unit iPhone 8, as well as their special high-end device developed for the iPhone series' 10th year anniversary.

Its name is the iPhone X, pronounced “iPhone Ten.”

The future is here

Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the expected grade-up from last year’s offering of the iPhone 7 and its larger 7 Plus variant. It boasts a more genuinely water-resistant construction and Qi-standard wireless charging among other things. But the other star of the show when Apple presented their latest wares at Apple Park’s Steve Jobs Theater this September 12 was the gadget celebrating the first decade of the iPhone. They certainly went for some great brand styling by rendering its number designation of “10” as a Roman numeral.

The first thing to knock the wind out of Apple customers would be the asking price for their very own iPhone X.

It is $999, just a dollar short of one grand. But that price is just so for a reason. As the 10th year anniversary edition of Apple’s pioneering smartphone, the iPhone X was designed to serve as a concept piece for how far the technology has already gone. This is why Apple crammed in some very bleeding-edge features onto the device to present it as the logical future of smartphones in general.

Extreme smartphone technology

The moment the Apple iPhone X is in one’s hands, it feels worth every bit of its unit price. The iPhone 7 was notorious for easily slipping from loose or sweaty hands; the iPhone X case fixes that. Its “Super Retina” OLED display boasts an insane 1125x2436p resolution that no other smartphone comes close to, plus a consistently working FaceID unlock system, and depth-sensing dual cams that work with augmented reality.

Powered by the final-release iOS 11 and HomePod firmware, this makes the iPhone X one super-advanced premium smartphone.

Apple’s slogan for their anniversary iPhone X goes: “Say hello to the future.” Even a cursory glance can tell that this special smartphone is a portrait of the world of communication and computing tomorrow. At $999, iPhone fans can greet the future in a big way when the iPhone starts releasing this November 3, two months after the iPhone 8.