Apple released its iPhone lineup a few weeks ago at the iPhone X keynote event. Even though the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus did not come with any major feature compared to its ancestors, the latest flagship still has new camera attribute inside.

According to a post by BGR, Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus is now upgraded with Portrait Light feature, which the company revealed through a new video via YouTube. The video also highlighted the new Portrait Lighting’s ability on the 8 Plus while the ad is entitled “Portraits of Her” with the appearance of Shannon Wise and a song “ This Strange Effect” echoing in the background.

In the past, the Cupertino-giant has installed Portrait mode with the iPhone 7 Plus, allowing the users to enjoy the feature with its great effect. With the successful result of the previous innovation, the company decided to revolve the latest feature around it, giving users to achieve a difficult task easier.

The most recent feature permit users to play around with the different light effects before taking a picture, and even extended it after the image has been taken. Furthermore, the mode does not require users to find any precise moment to add lighting effects.

In the meantime, the Portrait feature is available on the iPhone only in the form of a beta, which will get better after the updates of iOS 11.

OUKITEL K500 could offer a Bezel-less phone with massive battery

GizChina reported on their website that OUKITEL is strengthening its lineup with an artistic bezel-less feature and paired it with a huge battery capacity. It will allow users to enjoy the aesthetic upgrade along with the increased screen on time.

The OUKITEL K500 is designed with an HD resolution of 5.7 inch that gives a display at 1440 x 720.

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The best part the phone rests on it high screen percentage with the 5,000mAh battery capacity.

The Chinese company is known for its massive batteries lineup, including K6000 and K10000. Even though the K5000 has a smaller capability compared to its predecessors, it still surpasses Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy Note 8.

With the increased of the battery capacity, the thickness of the phone will also add up. However, the resolution of the HD Plus will let users have more screen time on its handset mode.

The latest smartphone is installed with 21 MP front-facing camera and a single 16MP rear camera. As for the price and release date of the device, the company did not reveal any information about the matter yet.