The eponymous action camera manufacturer, GoPro, has launched its latest Hero 6 Black and the action camera is now available across the globe for $499.99. GoPro also made it known that its Fusion spherical camera for $699.99 will roll out in November.

Device with GP1 processor

For the first time, the action camera manufacturer developed and utilized its own GP1 chipset for its device. According to Tech Crunch, the chipset doubles GoPro Hero 6 Black’s frame rate compared to its predecessor, which would allow the new device to capture 4K resolution video at 60 frames per second.

Aside from that, the action camera can also capture 2.7K resolution video at 120fps as well as 1080p video at 240fps. This could mean that GoPro’s latest action camera will be impressive for slow-motion footage.

GoPro made it known that its latest device will feature superior image stabilization as well as an enhanced dynamic range for better images and videos in unpleasant conditions. The latest action camera features higher quality touchscreen controls. The device is equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope and a built-in GPS.

The GoPro Hero 6 Black comes with a faster Wi-Fi radio, which the company claimed is three times faster compared to its predecessor. This would come in handy with the company’s companion application on Android, iOS as well as QuikStories app.

The new device retains all the popular features of its predecessor, which includes 33 feet waterproof in the absence of voice control support as well as a case. The new action camera will be compatible with the company's Karma drone. With Karma drone’s new software update, the drone now features Follow modes and GPS-enabled Watch.

Fusion spherical camera

Meanwhile, GoPro’s Fusion spherical camera will be up for grabs in November. The Fusion camera has the capability to capture 5.2K spherical videos at 30fps. The device will come along with two 18MP sensors, allowing the device to link two footages and convert it into a single 360-degree spherical video.

The Verge reported that the GoPro will launch the Fusion with an OverCapture feature, allowing users to control their 360 footages and convert them into 1080p full high definition videos. The idea behind this particular feature is letting users capture first and worry about framing later. The Fusion has impressive waterproofing feature and the device will have a $699 price tag.